Visionary Trans-media Artist Aune Sand creates cinematic dream machines.

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Operating at the intersection of fine art and multi-media, Aune Sand’s photography, video installations and environments offer a multi-faceted view of our complex world. His films and pictures are dense studies of the global melting pot, beautifully rendered people and places, teetering cityscapes or rustic fringes. Constantly shooting, editing and framing moods, he refers to his work as ‘mental frames’ and makes them while roving the globe, as a form of visual diaries and vignettes. Aune combines diverse genres, topics, materials and social networks to produce striking cinematic imagery dominated by recurring motifs, such as youth culture, nature, ecology and everyday life. Like Ryan Mcginley or Olaf Breuning, his expressive, spontaneous and raw style combines social consciousness and burning creativity to make euphoric fever dreams. In recent works, he explored textile processes, vintage-y video and the aesthetics of consumer patina (he even made customized hi-tech flashlights, luggage pieces and silk scarves dipped in eye-popping abstract prints). Nurturing multiple businesses from Scandinavia to NYC and mentoring avant-garde artists, his work is informed by a revolutionary spirit whereby he tests the boundaries of institutional players and assumptions, challenging art, mass culture and moving image with a particular taste for provocation and a love of life.

Z!NK caught up with Aune Sand to discuss creativity, organized chaos and the fantastic artists that he admires.

WHERE DID YOU GROW UP AND FORM YOUR WORLDVIEW? I grew up on an idyllic island in Norway. I came from a family of artists who always strived to create something visually unique, be it sculpture, painting, architecture or multi-media. That has been critical to my artistic outlook and I love the notion of ‘organized chaos’ and spontaneity.

WHO ARE SOME SPECIFIC INFLUENCES AND FAVORITE ARTISTS? I love Bernardo Bertolucci who made The Conformist and The Sheltering Sky. Brando has always been a key inspiration from a young age and Quentin Tarantino is brilliant!

WHAT IS THE COOLEST THING, IDEA OR CONCEPT YOU’VE SEEN SO FAR IN 2014? I’ve rediscovered the pop sounds of ABBA and I’m really feeling some of the documentaries done on Larry Gagosian and the artists under his aegis, like Damien Hirst, etc. Also, I’m loving the Raf Simons and Sterling Ruby collab, wow!

HOW DO YOU BALANCE YOUR BUSINESS ENDEAVORS WITH YOUR ARTISTIC PROJECTS? Fusing art and business is all about having a sense of discipline and an ability to prioritize. Also, it’s super important to be grounded in ethics and to treat people with dignity and respect.

BEST ADVICE FOR ASPIRING CREATIVES? Young artists should relentlessly pursue their passions. Start as early as possible, set goals and fight like crazy to achieve them.

WHAT IS YOUR LONG-TERM GOAL? To create beautiful, cerebral and content-rich creations and installations. I also want to enjoy my family and friends and be there for my community in New York and Norway.

Thank you! CODY ROSS